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The Pearl is a unique part of downtown Portland, and the historic buildings are the heart of the Pearl.  Preserving the Pearl and Portland for the future will require participation from all of us.  The public needs to play a much greater role in the process of zoning and development. This site is an effort to connect residents and to be a vehicle to encourage participation.  Progress is essential, however we do not believe that "Portland on the Rise" provides the best outcome for a city with such a rich historical past. 

We have experienced that it can be difficult, even daunting, to participate in development or legislation processes that impact all Portland residents.  Our goal is to provide information, links, dates and locations of public hearings, links to city sites and documents, and updates on current processes

Preserve the Pearl


Founded: 2014

Owner: Preserve the Pearl

Areas of expertise: Our Love of Portland


Central City Plan and West Quadrant Plan

Development (new buildings in progress, zoning, height limitations, FAR)

​Demolition and infill

Preservation of historic buildings

Preservation of the unique character of Portland neighborhoods

Neighborhood Associations (how they function and interact with residents)

Livability and sustainability


What we're interested in

Preserve the Pearl

Last fall, SRG Partnership co-founder Jon Schleuning received the 2014 Medal of Honor from the American Institute of Architects' Northwest & Pacific Region, awarded to architects who have demonstrated excellence in design, architectural education, or service to the profession while promoting public understanding of architects and architecture. Founded in 1972, SRG Partnership has distinguished itself over the decades with experience in both historic preservation and in new construction, with an emphasis on sustainability and research. SRG's projects usually aren't flashy, but they possess a timelessness and rigor that reflects the wisdom of Schleuning and a team including principals like Kent Duffy and Dennis Cusack.

SRG's offices overlook Pioneer Courthouse Square from a classic A.E. Doyle-designed building from the early 20th century. How does the urban setting outside your window reflect the kind of work you like to embrace as planner and architect?

It speaks to the power of mid-rise high density. You look at the differences between what’s happening in South Waterfront and what's happening in the earlier portions of the Pearl District. The  mid-rise high density allows me to sit here and see people's faces. This time of year you’ll start getting the guitarist on the corner or the bell-ringer for Christmas. You talk about connectivity. I practiced for a year and a half on the 16th floor of what was the Georgia Pacific building where you don’t have that kind of connectivity. When you talk about density from and urban point of view, the important part is you want not only this visual connectivity, but also the physical connectivity. If you have to walk 400 feet before you can turn 90 degrees, that’s not successful. You’ve got to be able to move laterally and be able to have greater choice. When you do that you’ve got shafts of light coming in, you’ve got some other view corridors. It’s not just about low-rise or high-rise or mid-rise. The density is the denominator that makes the urbanism.

Couldn't have said it better than...