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The Pearl is a unique part of downtown Portland.  The historic buildings are the heart of the Pearl.  Preserving the Pearl and Portland for the future will require participation from all of us.  The public needs to play a much greater role in the process of zoning and development. This site is an effort to connect residents, and to be a vehicle to encourage participation. We do not believe that "Portland on the Rise" provides the best outcome for a city with such a rich historical past. 

The first step in our process is to make ALL Pearl and many Portland residents aware of Block 136 and the proposed 15 story building that would be placed on 12th Ave.  We are not against progress. However, we feel a structure of that height will forever change the character of this unique neighborhood.

  • What other development is planned for the Pearl?
  • How does the planning and design approval process work?
  • There are many residents around Portland opposing development projects that seem to go against Portland Design Guidelines.  How can these groups come together to support one another?

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Preserve the Pearl


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  1. Help gather signatures for a petition opposing the 15 story building proposed for Block 136.  Email us if you're interested.
  2. Attend the public hearings (see Home page). 
  3. Email the Design Commission (see Home Page)
  4. Share our flyers with friends and neighbors, and encourage them to attend the meeting and to email their concerns to the Design Commission.  
  5. Help with mailings by donating a few hours or a few dollars.  Go to DONATE page.

How can I help?

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